Track HF Band Openings

Track HF band openings and view the propagation paths to Queensland Australia

WSPR technology is well suited to reporting of weak signal strengths (below the noise floor).

The following charts show received spots reported by VK4EMM located in Queensland Australia. The charts show unique spots from six continents over a 24 hour period. These charts are useful to indicate when bands are open and closed.

Updated on 15 March 2022

cumulative spots vk4emm 10m 2022 03 12
cumulative spots vk4emm 12m 2022 03 12
Cumulative spots for 15m band
Cumulative spots for 17m band
Cumulative spots for 17m band
Cumulative spots for 30m band
Cumulative spots for 40m band
Cumulative spots for 60m band
Cumulative spots for 80m band
Cumulative spots for 160m band

Charts showing unique spots and total Km of propagation for six bands over 24 hours on 12 March 2022

View or download another sample chart.

Real-time analysis

An advanced site for collection and analysis of real-time data is produced by Phil VK7JJ – Highly recommended. Phil’s website is located at

At another level, Phil’s charts help transmitting stations see their signal strengths as received from any distance at any time of day.