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Oceania DX Contest CW 2020
VK4CT + stats,

Oceania DX Contest SSB 2020
Oceania DX Contest CW 2019
VK4CT + stats
Oceania DX Contest SSB 2019
CQWW CW Contest 2012
VK4CT + stats
Table 1. Oceania DX contest logs

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Contest log files for Oceania DX contests are provided in table 1. You are welcome to download any of the files from table 1. These log files have been voluntarily submitted by contest participants.

At this stage, I upload raw logs manually. Work is underway to automate the process – with a little help from my friends. Please be patient before your file appears on this page.

The files you submit to this website will be a copy of the same files that you submitted to the contest committee before the deadline for submission (31 October 2020).

Special thanks go to the OCDX contest committee for all their hard work to coordinate and promote this great contest. The OCDX website publishes the final scores after adjudication of all entries.

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Photo of radio equipment inside the station equipped to run SO5R. Log files are saved by WinTest logging software.
Operating desk equipped for SO5R + RBN

Single Operator 5 Radios

When I operate in the assisted category, WinTest software communicates with two Elecraft K3 transceivers and one SDR for a node on the RBN. Two spectrum windows display activity on selected bands – using two additional SDRs.

OK, I’m still getting my head around this arrangement.

The station location is described on the home page.